Fellowship Positions

Compost & Recycling Associate

Alameda County
Location Office of Sustainability 1401 Lakeside Drive, Ste. 1115 Oakland CA 94612 See location
Stipend $2650 Monthly stipend
Additional pay $500 End of program award

Overview & Background

Are you passionate about waste reduction and want to help others understand how to recycle right and compost correctly? Join Alameda County’s Office of Sustainability to transition County operations into the exciting new phase of waste prevention and upstream solutions.

The Compost and Recycling Associate will manage projects that expand and increase the effectiveness of waste diversion programs at County facilities, as well as develop new initiatives to improve waste reduction and reuse opportunities in County operations.

Roles & Responsibilities

Note: this position requires a California Driver’s license to be obtained by October 3, 2022 so you can use County fleet vehicles to reach sites that may not be convenient to reach by transit. (If this is a challenge for your circumstances, please communicate this in your first interview.)

Waste and recycling operations: 

  1. You will implement and update our composting and recycling programs at a number of owned and leased County facilities. Updating this enhanced recycling program, or launching it at new sites, involves completing site assessments; developing site specific roll-out plans; and coordinating with janitors, waste haulers, and other stakeholders to implement the plans. You will also do targeted outreach to employees to ensure the program is used correctly. 
  2. You will design and lead engaging educational workshops and outreach campaigns to improve recycling and composting rates and waste prevention practices at existing facilities. You will also have opportunities to update and implement new outreach materials such as online training videos, website content, and print materials.
  3. To ensure overall success, you will also conduct waste audits, assist in the delivery of services (i.e., placing bins and signs at sites, coordinating service delivery, researching and purchasing waste/recycling systems), and work with internal and external partners to troubleshoot day-to-day operational waste issues. 

Waste reduction and sustainability strategy: 

  1. You will play a key role in implementation of the County's next Climate Action Plan for Government Services and Operations, including expanding the County’s current reuse program, assessing opportunities for waste reduction and waste diversion in County facilities, and developing outreach strategies to assist County employees transition to these new and updated programs.
  2. You will help design new waste reduction efforts such as researching circular economy and waste prevention initiatives to implement at the County. 

All fellows at Alameda County are able to work with other fellows placed at Alameda County and participate in our award-winning series of fellow trainings and workshops.

This position will provide significant opportunities to develop professionally, and you will gain: 

  • Project management experience, including project scoping, developing work plans & timelines, and project implementation;
  • Experience implementing projects that rely on the cooperation of diverse stakeholder groups and knowledge of how to overcome challenges that may arise in the implementation process;
  • Opportunities to guide projects through (often complex) government structures;
  • Advanced interpersonal and critical thinking skills from solving complex problems involving communication with a variety of stakeholders;
  • Facilitation skills to design successful and productive meetings with a diverse set of stakeholders
  • Firsthand experience working in the waste and recycling field;
  • Access to regional, state, and national sustainability networks;
  • Practice creating and delivering behavior change best practices to encourage sustainable choices in the workplace; 
  • Experience gathering and analyzing quantitative data & field data and using it to assess project effectiveness and to inform program decisions; and
  • Working independently towards goals and outcomes that are developed as a team.

We are operating as a primarily remote team. For this role, occasional in-person site visits and trainings at County facilities are an essential part of the role. Over the past year, we estimate in-person sites visits and trainings happened up to 4 times per month. You will generally be informed at least 5 days in advance before in-person work is required. If you prefer to work in the office on a hybrid or regular basis, a desk will be available. 

This position offers up to $500 of training and travel reimbursement. (Site supervisor & SEI approval required for reimbursement.) This position is based in downtown Oakland, on Lake Merritt, and is accessible from two BART stations and multiple bus lines. 

SEI requires all employees to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

SEI is proud to be an equal opportunity employer. We strive to reflect the diverse communities we serve, especially those most impacted by climate change and other kinds of environmental, social, and economic injustices. Persons of color, persons with disabilities, older adults, and members of the LGBTQ community are strongly encouraged to apply.

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